Granberg Mini Mill, Model# G555B

Woodworking can be a strenuous job in the early days. The use of simple saw will take a lot of time and effort for a woodworker to create lumbers or timbers. But, gone are these days given that technology has enhanced even in the woodworking industry. Nowadays, any woodworking task is done in a jiffy with the help of bandsaw mills.

When we speak of bandsaw mills, there are actually different types of these advanced woodworking tool now offered in the market. Various manufacturers are actually doing the best bandsaw mill they can to provide their customers a reason to make woodworks an easy job. The Granberg Mini Mill from Granberg is no different. Convenience, easy use and faster results are among the benefits of using the Granberg Mini Mill.

Perfect as a milling attachment to any chainsaw, the Granberg Mini Mill with the model#G555B is ideally designed to fit with your Alaskan MKII or MKIII. It includes a 12 feet metal guide rail in 2 feet lengths with screws and chainsaw of up to 24 inches bar. The rail material is in metal and can be sued in 93.5 cubic inches or 49 cc saws.

The Granberg Mini Mill can be used as an attachment to any saw or even separately. If used alone, it can convert logs into lumbers. It also is able to square logs and edge slabs. Generally, when the Granberg Mini Mill is attached to the saw, it creates smooth dimensional lumbers.

Basically, the Granberg Mini Mill is designed for an Alaskan Mill to run smoother. It enables large logs to edge so the Alaskan Mill can fit across and it can give a flat edge for the logs thus the Alaskan Mill can run against smoothly.

Many woodworkers are actually considering the Granberg Mini Mill. Those who already have bought the said bandsaw mill are in fact amazed and satisfied of what they bought. Indeed a worthy cost as quoted by one customer, “a great money saver if you are a woodworker.” With the Grandberg Mini Mill, you will have all your money’s worth with the convenient results.

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